Futurliner c.1939

‘The GM Futurliners were a group of stylized buses designed in the 1940s by Harley Earl for General Motors. They were used in GM’s Parade of Progress, which traveled the United States exhibiting new cars and technology.’

- Wikipedia

Images show restored Futurliner 10, currently available at auction.

This capsule was curated by Truna

10 comments to Futurliner c.1939

  • John Simpson

    Any idea what might have travelled in this?

  • John Simpson

    (Clearly not people. Scarily no windows.)

  • Michael

    Clicking on the photos takes you into a new dimension of weird…

  • Chris

    Not sure WHAT happened there, Michael! Though I like to think it was at least subconsciously deliberate.

    Will rectify asap;

  • JGMango

    Please will someone buy me one of these.

  • Spudplank

    beautiful lines and begging to be remade as camper vans

  • Michael

    Much better now, thanks.

    I get a shiver thinking that this bus is still driving around with its new atomic motor in the Gernsback Continuum.

  • C.H.

    A small fleet of these was built for GM’s Parade of Progress, which was sort of a rolling version of their exhibit at the 1939 World’s Fair. They went around the country showing off the latest in technological advances… one of which ended up killing them – television.
    Most of them still exist and I do believe one was converted into a camper van.

  • Corvus

    One went through the Barrett-Jackson auction a couple years ago here in Phoenix. It went for more than a million.

  • Snapper

    A few years ago I used to see one of these – or something really close – parked on a street in Los Angeles in the Studio City area

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