Girl on a tricycle, Ireland, 1900

This highly unusual group of pictures were all taken in Ireland by medical student J.J. Clarke between 1890 and 1910. Clarke came to Dublin from Castleblaney in 1897. His images have a spontaneity and “snapshot” quality which is very rare in photographs of this time.

All images (c) National Library of Ireland.


Thank you to Donald Lush and Tony Canavan.

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8 comments to Girl on a tricycle, Ireland, 1900

  • Tim Marshall

    With the light fragmentation could she be riding back to the future……

  • Andrew

    …all she has to do is reach 88mph

  • VonsterVon

    I really REALLY love these, some of them are so touching, and the snapshot quality…how did he achieve that? I really want to keep some of them…how do I do that? the one with the lady with the bicycle, it’s like a back in time version of me…

  • Chris

    Here’s a link to J.J. Clarke’s full collection, Von…

  • Ray Martin

    These are wonderful. I love the Punch and Judy show!

  • Photos of Dublin from 1961 - Page 10

    [...] There are quite a few pictures of Ireland from around 1900 here, many of which feature Dublin. Girl on a tricycle, Ireland, 1900… How to be a Retronaut [...]

  • Anne Hill Fernie

    Thanks for that link Chris - the ‘woman on a wall’ is gorgeous……..

  • Chris

    Yes, she is…

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