‘Starcrash’, 1979

‘Starcrash is a 1979 science fiction film. The cast included Christopher Plummer and David Hasselhoff, and the original music score was by Oscar winning composer John Barry.

‘Kurt Dahlke of DVD Talk said, “Starcrash is a masterpiece of unintentionally bad filmmaking, mixing ridiculous characters with questionably broad acting, an incredibly simple yet still nonsensical plot, and budget special effects that transcend into the realm of real art. It’s a completely ridiculous movie’

- Wikipedia

Thank you to Pier Paolo Rinaldi

5 comments to ‘Starcrash’, 1979

  • CatM

    “It would take a whole planet to conceal it!” (Maybe even…a STAR?) If not for the Star Wars references, I’d swear this was made just after Forbidden Planet.

  • Feng

    This movie is so bad that it becomes good and then gets SO much worse that it becomes unwatchable. It would be hilarious if it didn’t drag on so long.

    One of the many many points of awfulness is the robot sidekick whose accent is that of a southern long-haul trucker. Absolutely astounding. I even made fun of a still from movie on my website once upon a time (even before I’d seen the film):


  • mcravener

    Looks like a Corman take on a mix of Star Wars and Flash Gordon =)

  • richard mcenroe

    Caroline Munro is in this and you’re talking about David Hasselhoff? Man card. on the table. Now.

  • Topov

    Starcrash is perfect. Marjoe Gortner is in it.

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