“The first motion picture”, 1888

“Roundhay Garden Scene is a 1888 short film directed by inventor Louis Le Prince. It was recorded at 12 frames per second, runs for approximately two seconds and is the earliest surviving motion picture. According to Le Prince’s son, Adolphe, it was filmed at Oakwood Grange, the home of Joseph and Sarah Whitley, in Roundhay, Leeds, West Riding of Yorkshire, England on October 14, 1888.

“It features Adolphe Le Prince, Sarah Whitley, Joseph Whitley and Harriet Hartley in the garden, walking around and laughing. Note that Sarah is walking backwards as she turns around, and that Joseph’s coat tails are flying as he also is turning.”

- Wikipedia

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  • Ray Martin

    Review:Roundhay Garden Scene
    A generally workmanlike film from director Louis Le Prince, containing all the elements one would expect from this early foray into the medium. The composition of this film is elegant, and the character interaction is subtle and refined. Of particular note was the actress who played ‘Young Woman In A Strange Feathered Hat’. Her elegance of gait and unique movements superbly complemented the character’s indecision and penchant for “turning on an emotional sixpence” that the scenario demands.
    On a more negative note, the plot was shallow and trite and, quite frankly, I found that my attentiveness began to wane toward the latter part of the film. One hopes that future efforts by this director will be briefer, in order to not unduly strain the viewer’s natural span of attention.

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