Argos Catalogue, 1976

Pages taken from Argos’ 1976 Catalogue, scanned by Anthony Voz. Look out for:

“After Eight” Gun Carriage (2); “Diesel” style digital watch (4); Calor Electric Vibro-Massager (7); Pifco “Hooverdryer” Hairdryer (8); “Plastic Embedding” (27); Guns (30); “Disco 100″ Home Disco Unit (42); “Sheerlite” Floor Lamp (49); Old Boot Nursery / Novelty Lamp (51); Acrylic Loo Roll Cover (57); “Wishing Well” Nutcracker (66)


Thank you to Donal Scannell, Scott Hather, Tom Murphy and Anthony Voz.

12 comments to Argos Catalogue, 1976

  • Jimmy A

    It’s high time for a revival of the After Eight Gun Carriage. I’d always felt that our after dinner chocolates were lacking that “state funeral” feel.

  • Alx Klive

    Argos 42 Item 7… LOL.

    I’d buy half this stuff now if I could.

  • VonsterVon

    ditto…I want that after eight carriage…I remember them…awesome! and table lighters…great big heavy onyx ones…this is a real memory jerker!

  • cindy

    Those mustard-coloured cups and saucers (picture 71) - I still use them. I found a box of them in my parents loft and use them most days :-)

  • Nigel

    This is superb! The oldest catalogue I have - which I picked up personally - is a 1983 Habitat one.

    Back on subject… Anyone else remember that Argos were the new face of Green Shield Stamps? Same company, new operating method.

  • UKGal

    Oh my…. this is why I love the Internet. I’ve just seen the original photo of my ‘BedTed’ - the Argos 26 picture. I got him for Christmas in 1976. My teddy is old and battered, but he’s been with me for all these years and still sits on the bed. He’s lived with me in the UK, NZ and now is living in Melbourne. Amazing to see the original photo…..

  • Ray Martin

    Wow! There are some real memory joggers there.

  • PeterJ

    Lots of fun looking at all of the toys I remember playing with or begged my parents to get me for Christmas. And The guns were a big surprise - never knew Argos sold guns.

  • gdb

    Brilliant. Thanks for this; I can’t get enough of it! Can the products of the western world please revert (advance) to being along these lines?

  • cherie

    i remember shit like this…but not in a nostalgic way, it just makes me feel old, lol!
    thanks so much for sharing xc

  • Chris B

    @ Cindy. We had the brown set, on the bottom right of page 71. I think there’s a bowl still kicking around somewhere. Never had the After 8 gun carriage, though, but would have loved it.

  • Helen Catterall

    What a fantastic insight into a Great British institution. This must’ve been about the 6th or 7th Argos catalogue, and the latest one (Spring Summer 2024) is the 75th! These scans of the ’76 catalogue really are a trip down memory lane.

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