Vintage typewriter stickers

Rockett St George’s Vintage Typewriter stickers


Thanks to John Williams.

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13 comments to Vintage typewriter stickers

  • Neil Alexander

    all you need now are samples of the clicky-clacky noises the old machines made. Then it would REALLY affect you typing. :)

  • Chris

    Great idea! I am sure that could be done. Anyone feel like creating a plug-in that makes clicky-clacky noises when you type? And a whirr / bell when you press enter?

  • John Williams

    Wonderful isn’t it? My mum had a typewriter just like this. Surely the printing mechanism should be above the keys though?

  • Lady Crafthole

    Oh my word “a whirr / bell when you press enter”. I am speechless with excitement at the prospect!

  • Chris

    Then all my purposes have been realised in one DIVINE moment, m’ deare LADY CRAFThole *presses enter, whirrs, chimes*

  • Bruce Partington-Plans

    How delightful! I may have to procure a set myself. To get the authentic typewriter look/sound, perhaps this - - might suffice. Of course for some people, stickers just aren’t quite enough -

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  • tmlxndr

    Q10 is a free, full screen retro text editor that has nice clicky-clacky sounds (sampled from “Amelie”). Windows only, though.

  • Kate

    Writing used to be a noisy past-time - in the era of the typewriter - now again it is quiet

  • jufjo

    For PC only?
    Not fair.

  • von

    but…the y and the z are the wrong w3ay round and there seems to be an extra o…

    love it though. looks pretty! I learned to type on an old machine in the local college, never got the hang of it then, too heavy, modern keyboards are wonderful. I’m not even that old!

  • Phil

    People out there, calling themselves “steam punks”, have actually converted computers to old typewriter keys, encasing the PC in brass, wood, and spinning gears… something out of HG Wells. Google “steampunk” and see what’s out there!

  • Dawn

    I wonder if this is a German layout. The extra o and an extra u I saw both have umlauts over them. And they use the letter Z a lot more than we do in English. The Y not so much. Just a thought. It is cute, though.

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