‘Good Housekeeping’ Compendium, 1953

‘One of my handiest cookbooks is the c.1953 Good Housekeeping Compendium my grandmother was given on her wedding day. Ironically, the book is in fairly mint condition becuase my grandmother spent most of her life working in the family business and very little time actually “housewifing”.’

- Ange Marsden

This capsule was curate by Ange Marsden

4 comments to ‘Good Housekeeping’ Compendium, 1953

  • maría

    Those flowery put together dishes! Ahh! I still remember those from my time in England during the early 90s at home with my elderly hosts.

  • Mrs Jones

    Ha! I have that very same compendium in my kitchen right now and I have actually been known to cook from it! It’s very useful if you have a sudden urge to eat offal….

  • jill

    The days before cholesterol was invented….

  • Patonza

    “The days before cholesterol was invented….”

    ;-) )

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