Last film of Laurel & Hardy c.1956

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  • This home movie was filmed in c. 1956 at the Reseda, California home of Stan Laurel’s daughter, Lois. It features Stan Laurel and his wife Ida Laurel, Oliver Hardy and his wife Virginia Jones, Andy Wade (who shot the film), Stan’s daughter Lois, her husband Rand Brooks and their children Randy and Laurie.

    ‘In 1956, Oliver Hardy lost more than 150 pounds, resulting in a complete change of his outward appearance. In September 1956, Oliver suffered a major stroke, which left him unable to speak and confined to bed for several months. At the beginning of August 1957, he had two more strokes and slipped into a coma from which he never recovered. He died on 7th August 1957.’

    - Matthias Rascher, Open Culture

    Thank you to Matthias Rascher

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    5 comments to Last film of Laurel & Hardy c.1956

    • John Greenaway

      If he had two strokes in August 1957 then he did not die in August 1956. Please fix this either way.

    • John Simpson

      Oliver Hardy died on 7th August 1957, not 1956.

    • Matthias Rascher

      @ John Simpson

      Indeed! I got it right in the original post:

    • Chris

      Thank you Johns Greenaway and Simpson, I have corrected the error.

    • DEZ

      They were a great loss to the movie Industry I enjoyed all their movie’s I hope all the films that they made together and individually are being well preserved, as we do-not see any of them these days, regards Aussie Dez

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