Crane Kitchen Equipment Catalogue, 1953

Thank you to retro

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  • Sluggo

    Oh my … I have one of these tiny kitchens (7′x8′) in my 1944 bungalow, and want to give it a retro update: bring it back up to speed, so to speak. The kitchen was “modernized” circa 1960 and this so-called modernization just cut all the charm and utility right out of the room, leaving it with all the flair of a shoebox: dark, ugly, inefficient; and the small kitchen of this era was ALL about efficiency. I’ve been scouting old photos for three years, and this is the first set of illustrations I’ve seen that matches my style AND is completely feasible. Thank you SO much!

  • Chris

    Retronauts at your service, Sluggo

  • Jerome Weijers

    Might I use this as a teaching aid, showing my joinery/cabinetmaking students on their kitchen course how much things have changed since the 1950′s..and how much they have not?

    Wonderful, wonderful and thank you!!

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