Soho, 1950s, in colour

This 1959 film was made by The Rank Organisation as part of their Look at Life series. The Look at Life short films were shown at Odeon and Gaumont cinemas between 1959 and 1968 before the main feature. More than 500 Look at Life films were made.


Thank you to Steve McGrath.

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8 comments to Soho, 1950s, in colour

  • bolly69

    There were some scary looking people in that film!!

  • Jolisa

    “The Partisan, where university students and other assorted eggheads meet to put the world right… or even left.” LOL!

  • Ray Martin

    Excellent! I remember well these short films before the main feature. I’d love to see more of them

  • Davecat

    There’s a shedload of the Look at life films on DVD now. Well, maybe ‘shedload’ is an exaggeration, seeing as that the DVD only has about fourteen or so films, which is nowhere close to 500. But still, it’s a nice little collection…

    Gotta love the waitress baffled by the Cockney rhyming slang at 4.55. :-)

  • Andrew

    Wow, is anyone *not* smoking in this?

    Love the way the waitress near the beginning asks for “two cappuccini” - ah, the linguistic accuracy!

  • Anne Fernie

    Smashing stuff (sigh) - wish Soho looked like that now…….

  • Laurie

    Any images of turkish coffee shops in Soho 1958?

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    [...] Kaffetrinken im Soho der 1950er [...]

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