The Prodigy performed by The Beatles

Warning: this video contains repeated use of words that some people may find offensive

Clip created by Please Unhelp Me


Thank you to Simon Sellars

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  • Sherlock

    Wow, is great!

  • Kenton A. Hoover

    Did you see Don and Sally Draper in the audience?

  • Ray Martin

    Hmmm, having been a Beatles fan for about 46 of my 54 years, I couldn’t watch more than 20 seconds of this. Sorry Chris - worst post ever.

  • Alex K

    It may seem as sacrilege at first but it was made with such care so whoever made it must have been a beatle fan as well.

  • I take your point, Ray. I am a big Beatles fan and a big Prodigy fan. What most interests me about this clip is that the shocking effect of this music with those images must come close to the shocking effect the Beatles themselves had for some people hearing them for the first time in the 1960s. Twist and Shout is almost easy listening for us now, that’s not how it sounded then.

  • Jane

    Not a Beatles fan - so my emotions are not assaulted by the sacrilege. I just think its interesting to see the reactions to the music compared this way. An interesting social comment on how little has changed apart from it takes more to shock us these days - perhaps it shows how desensitised we are becoming? Mind you I’m not a Beatles fan because to me they are a bit bland but i do like the prodigy partly because they are a bit wild - evolution? Just imagin what those people in the 60′s would have made of the prodigy.

  • RadialSkid

    About 80% of the video is just shots of the crowd…it seems a bit like a lazy way to avoid syncing footing of the performers to the music.

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