“The Prisoner”, 1967

Duncan Mackay sent the opening sequence of the 1960s TV serise The Prisoner to HtbaR. Over to Duncan:

“Surely the greatest TV show intro sequence ever - very retronautic mix of 60′s pop culture, English Georgian architecture, Victoriania, and Cold War paranoia”


Thank you to Duncan Mackay

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6 comments to “The Prisoner”, 1967

  • Elisabeth

    my all time favorite, many thanks for posting it!!! and I’ve charmed generations of French school kids learning English with that, and it still operates perfectly! Some even said the American cover series is sh*** compared to it!

  • Joyce

    Luckily, you can purchase the entire series on DVD now. I had forgotten just how “out there” this series was - and still is!

  • Chris Samuel

    Ah yes, the series that made Portmeirion famous! That place is almost as strange as the series.. ;-)

  • Jez

    They don’t do opening sequences like that any more - though they may try!

  • KC

    Great bit of nostalgia. I remember watching it when it first appeared, strange even then.

    Surely one of the longest TV title sequences ever at nearly three minutes.

    And when you listen to the theme music, you realise there isn’t actually a melody to it (i.e try whistling it and see how far you can get). It’s just a rhythm track

  • Lee

    I watched the whole series last year on a dvd boxset. Splendid stuff and I absolutely love the surreal last episode. I still watch it now & again as it’s so good. :)

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