Steampunk Cell Phones

All images by Ivan Mavrovic

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  • photo editor

    I Want One Of Those! And dear Retronaut I love your blog :)

  • Chris

    Thank you very much!

  • JLL

    So much wasted energy… Unless one spends most of one’s time at a cosplay convention, these are ridiculous.

  • CaptainGuy

    In regards to “JLL” stating “So much wasted energy…”, have you ever heard of that wonderful thing called ART?

    That’s the problem, isn’t it? The United States has generated a culture that doesn’t care about art. They don’t encourage it, they don’t fund it, they don’t research it. The only time they care about it is if some rich person gets a wine stain on the edge of a painting he bought for a million dollars from some artist who barely received a meal for its worth when he was alive.

  • Rebecca

    At CaptainGuy - I’m not sure I would agree that the entire US has generated a culture that doesn’t care about art. There is so much around, and such passion. Many in the US, however, believe that if they don’t like it then it must be wrong. From politics to art to lifestyle - there is such a tendency to judge and condemn. Sometimes for the most foolish reasons. Such as….. they don’t get it, therefore it is wrong. In another era, there would have been some effort to try to understand. While sad, it is usually a result of ‘shrunken brain syndrome’ or what another friend (long dead - we’re old folks) called ‘the dumbing down of America’. Most prejudices are simply ignorance in disguise.

    I won’t deny I love steampunk, (which is how I found this place) but won’t wear it. Can you imagine some old fart running around in Steampunk? The gentlemen, surely. But a little old lady? Egads. Will I create it? Damn skippy!

  • JLL

    @ CaptainGuy: If you consider case-modding a mobile phone to be “ART” I really don’t know what to say. Just because you happen to be a Steampunk fanboi does not make this kind of thing any different from a Trekkie constructing an elaborate replica of a phaser or learning to speak Klingon. It is clever and no doubt takes skill, but is it art? I don’t think so. With all respect, perhaps you should get out of the house more often.

    @ Rachael: I can only say that, to me, an insistence on blind acceptance of anything anyone puts forward and calls “art”, without any objective (or to be honest, normative) judgement as to the merit of that alleged “art”, is the real “dumbing down of America.”

  • CaptainGuy

    “Just because you happen to be a Steampunk fanboi…”

    Now THAT’S funny. I defend this work of art (and yes, it is art) and suddenly I’m a fanboi of steampunk. Does that mean that if I defend glazed carrots as a good side dish, I’m a militant vegan? Get real.

    It is art. You choose not to believe that, and that’s the nature of art. Art is not offended. Art is indifferent. The fact remains, you don’t like it. That’s your prerogative. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s art.

  • Jenny Reviews

    Wow! These are really good. I want one for my iphone!

  • Metruis

    Rebecca writes: “I won’t deny I love steampunk, (which is how I found this place) but won’t wear it. Can you imagine some old fart running around in Steampunk? The gentlemen, surely. But a little old lady? Egads. Will I create it? Damn skippy!”

    Why won’t you wear it? Because you’re afraid of how people will think of you? What’s it matter, especially if you’re an older person, what people think? You live exactly once, and I can tell you this, as someone who works in a continuing care facility, the biggest curse there is NOT sickness but boredom.

    The people there who are happiest have long given up on worrying what people think about them, and they enjoy what life they can make for themselves. The happiest man in that facility sings loudly and off key to all the ladies… because it’s what he loves.

    In twenty years, will it matter what people imagined you to be, or what you made you to be? You’re certainly right that we live in a world of people who judge because they just ‘don’t get it’, but they’re not the ones who ultimately matter, it’s the ones who ask questions that are remembered.

    You forget, madam, that for every gentleman there was a lady of class! (sweeping hat bow)

    I hope that even if you won’t bring yourself to add that splash of retrotech to your wardrobe, you’ll continue to indulge in its creation. Maybe, yes, I’m just a crazy young adult, but I think I’m just as outwardly judged as an equally crazy “old fart”.

    JJL wrote: “It is clever and no doubt takes skill, but is it art? I don’t think so.”

    But with what measure do we define art? How about

    “the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. ”

    As the expression and production of what is beautiful and appealing is absolutely subjective, ART is therefore subjective. To you it may not be art but to me, it is art, just as a painting is art and just as typography is art and just as fashion design is art. I have seen the argument that “if it makes you uncomfortable, it’s art”. But I would argue that a creation intended to attain a response from the viewer is art. Steampunk cell phones are intended to stir a response in the viewer, every bit as much as a magnificent painting.

    Is it art? Absolutely. Do you like it? Not necessarily. I too can walk through a museum and roll my eyes at those metal beams crushed into the wall, the tarp full of candies and a canvas painted white, but nonetheless, they were made to stir a response, and, having done so-even though my response was “seriously, you’re getting paid for that?” it has done its job. It is art, it has brought feelings up in me that were not there before, and it will continue being art to people who find it awe-inspiring, bullshit, or just fascinating. Art is subjective.

    I love the phones, particularly the GLOBAL one. Man, if they functioned, I would carry one of those around! My boring little black flip phone does not compare to art. I wonder if I could steampunk it.

  • Phyllis Redd

    Just imagine how boring the world would be if Jill ran it.

  • CountUlric

    I must have one @[email protected] and iv never owned a cellphone :D alot better than some stupid rectangle piece of plastic and silicone. I bet Jll is the same kind of person who would execute Galileo for saying the sun is the center of the universe

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