A Retronautic bridegroom

These photographs are of Oliver Lee. I met Oli and his fiancee Rebecca this week at Angels Costumiers. On arriving, I saw Oli in full Regency dress and asked if I could take some pictures. Over to Oli:

“When Rebecca and I met, she lived in Leeds and I lived in London. I was a DJ and would drive up to see her after my Saturday night gigs. The gigs finished at 4am and I would get to Leeds at 9am - I soon decided to hang up my headphones and start a life up North.

“Rebecca and I get on on all the right frequencies, and we look at our relationship like an old time love story. This year we are getting married at Ripley Castle in Harrogate.

Our photographer Javan Liam suggested we dress in costume. We wanted to be different, and we both really do feel like people from a different era. We want to take our friends and family back to a time long forgotten.”


Thank you very much to the future Mr & Mrs Lee.

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