Dr Evermore & the Forevertron

From Wikipedia: “Dr. Evermore is a fictional Victorian inventor who designed the Forevertron to launch himself “into the heaven on a magnetic lightning force beam.” He has built a tea house from which he says Queen Victoria and Prince Albert may observe the event. The sculpture incorporates an actual decontamination chamber from the Apollo Project, as well as dynamos built by Thomas Edison, and scrap salvaged from the nearby Badger Army Ammunition Plant.”


Visualisation by Alex George.
Thank you to World Changing and Janet E Davis.

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6 comments to Dr Evermore & the Forevertron

  • beckybim

    Crazy and wonderful!

  • Mike

    This is awesome. Having not been to the States, let alone Wisconsin, I would happily make a pilgrimage to see this piece.

  • Melissa D.

    Fantastic photos! I’ve always wanted to make a US tour out of visiting the Forevertron, as well as Salvation Mountain in CA and several other interesting site-specific works scattered around the country! The more people who visit, record and appreciate this type of artwork, the better! Thanks as always Retronaut!!!

  • Daniella

    I live about an hour away. Its an amazing thing to see. And there’s way more than what’s here in these photos. I highly recommend it if you get the opportunity.

  • LenDog Desiderio

    curious as to whose wonderful drawing that is of the Forevertron (even if it’s a photoshopped picture!)

  • Tya Kottler

    Also interested in knowing who created the amazing drawing/photo of Dr. Evermor’s Foreverton… would love to purchase a copy of it.

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