Venice, 1912

John Pollock sent this piece of film to How to be a Retronaut, via Matteo Farber. Over to John:

“This really is very Death in Venice. Slightly foreshadowed by the fact that war was about to break out. Timely in that last week the first official female gondolier was in the news…”

Thank you to John Pollock and Matteo Farber.

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2 comments to Venice, 1912

  • Richard Fay

    The more I watch this film, the deeper into the time I seem to get.

    Since I don’t know Italian, I used ‘Google Translate’ to translate three captions. I hope this is of some benefit.

    @1:42 Parade of Flags: Arrival of the Duke of Genoa, which represents S.M. the King
    @5:25 After the ceremony
    @8:09 S.E. the Patriarch of Venice, Cardinal went in procession to bless the Bell Tower.

  • Very cool, thanks Richard

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