‘We call it a Penril Modem’

Penril - “We call it a Penril Modem” (1971)

Digi-Log - “Briefcase Portability” (1976)

Cromemco - “The New 16K RAM card…” (1977)

System Industries - “80 MB for under $12,000″ (1977)

Technico Inc TMS9900 - “Two bytes are better than one” (1978)

HoneyWell - “What the Heck is Electronic Mail” (1981)

RadioShack - Issac Asimov featuring a color computer (1982)

RadioShack - “Designing a revolutionary concept…” (1985)

Microsoft - “Introducing Microsoft Excel” (1987)

LBMS - “Cut through paper-based Case Methods” (1991)


3 comments to ‘We call it a Penril Modem’

  • Mairzy Doats

    Elvira? Who thought it was a good idea to have her selling computer products?

  • Sok

    @Mairzy: Anyone who thought something vaguely nerdy (like a horror show host) with cleavage would be appealing to people who gravitate towards computers, I’d guess. I suspect they were right…

  • No!

    Elvira! Because many programmers around the Santa Barbara and mid to north California area were her fans… the ads were aimed not at regular consumer (the idiots of today) but those who knew… and were in the culture. Although 1985 or so would have been more her height for that group.

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