Persu Streamliner, 1923

‘Aurel Persu (1890–1977) was a Romanian engineer, and the first to apply aerodynamics principles to automobiles. He came to the conclusion that the perfectly aerodynamic automobile has the shape of a falling water-drop.

‘Persu implemented his idea in 1922–1923 in Berlin, building an automobile that could reach very high speeds for that time, and it could take curves at up to 60 km/h. It was the first car to have the wheels inside its aerodynamic line, which we take for granted today.’

- Wikipedia

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4 comments to Persu Streamliner, 1923

  • August

    The ‘shape of a falling waterdrop’, huh. Maybe I’ve just got a dirty mind. Though I will say this shape is very streamlined - whatever you describe it as.

  • Lee

    I would have like to have seen more spec’s for this interesting vehicle. like the fact it had a aluminium body (which would have been quite revolutionary at it’s time.), alloy rims (again an almost revolutionary design feature in automobiles),engine capacity, Obviously it has a mid mounted engine. But more information would have been nice.

  • John Simpson

    > The ‘shape of a falling waterdrop’, huh. Maybe I’ve just got a dirty mind.

    It’s moments like this that I realise I *don’t* have a dirty mind.

  • John Simpson

    > alloy rims

    LOL rimming.

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