Ireland, 1920s, in colour

All images by Clifton R. Adams, (c) National Geographic

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  • Jehanne

    Are these from the Albert Kahn collection?

    I remember watching the BBC documentary wherein they talk about the famous red skirts Irish lasses wore at the time. Nice to see more examples of this. I wonder if this otherworldly shade of red comes as a result of the potato starch pigment in the autochromes or if they are really a testament to that long-forgotten textile tradition.

    Also, Retronaut is it possible for you to track down larger hi-res images of that of those color photos from the 1906 San Fran Great Quake? Here:

  • Gary McKeown

    The seventh of these pics is of a place about a mile from my house. You can see the modern flats that have replaced the redbrick building on Google Streetview here:

    The postbox has moved- the view from the main road is towards the street from which the pic was taken. The women in the pic are located just around the corner from where the dead-end sign is today.

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