Ghosts of Paris

Thank you to Amazing Only

5 comments to Ghosts of Paris

  • a long time ago

    in the night we run around in the streets
    Jack up on life in hell
    Thunder love has struck us again
    Where apparitions are the sinful spell

  • Gerardo

    Excelente trabajo! gracias Chris por conseguir y mostrarnos estas imágenes, tienen una carga emotiva muy fuerte. Me encantan. Thanks a lot!

  • CatM

    I *LOVE* these “Ghosts of…” series, every one of them. They’re so amazing.

  • DrJulieAnn aka The Modern Retro Woman

    Beautiful juxtaposition. Haunting (no pun intended).

    Thank you for this!

  • Suitcase of Courage

    New to the blog and really enjoying going through the posts. I’m with CatM – absolutely love this “Ghosts of…” technique. It’s exactly how my mind’s eye works when I’m imagining how a particular location must’ve looked in the past. Keep up the awesome work!

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