‘Time Warp’ Water balloon

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  • What kind of ‘retro’ is this? Please, don’t replicate youtube movies here. I like this website.

  • Chris

    Thanks, Zdenek. I like it too.

  • John Simpson

    What’s going on? Random jpegs shaped into coffins and now a slow motion water balloon explosion? How long before we start seeing kittens doing absurd things? Please don’t let this site become a repository for any old twitter find. Up until lately How to be a Retronaut has been consistently brilliant.

  • brutes

    Agreed… I found out about retronaut a few weeks ago and I love it to bits. I’ve been back through every article.

    This week has seen a couple of very pointless articles that belong elsewhere on the web.


  • Chris

    Hello John, John Simpson and Brutes. Thank you for your comments, and Brutes, its very cool that you have been through every article.

    It is exceptionally unlikely that anyone will ever enjoy, see a point in, or get value from, every capsule on How to be a Retronaut, unless that person is me. That is because every capsule is currently either created by me, or created by Amanda and then approved (or not) by me.

    Every capsule that I either curate or approve is one that, in my view, provides a Retronautic hit. What do I mean by that? I mean that it contains material that distorts most people’s internal model of time. As a minimum, it must distort my model of time.

    Nobody will have the same model of time as me, nor should they expect to. And therefore, not every capsule will work for everybody. Some will resonate deeply, some will seem meaningless. For me, every one resonates in the same way and on the same Retronautic level.

    One aspect of my plan for HTBAR is to open it up so that anyone can curate a capsule on their own. At that point, my view as to what is Retronautic and what is not will not be so significant. However, currently, the site has a very strong editorial policy, which I control, and it is therefore a reflection of my own take on being a Retronaut.

    An aspect of HTBAR that interests and often surprises me is the different ways in which different people relate to the same capsules, and also the different perspectives that people bring to the site. As an example, in the last few months, some people have commented that the site is too flippant and throwaway, while others have commented that it is obsessed with the tragic and morbid. Perhaps this reflects something of my own character. I certainly always like to receive criticism as it gives me an opportunity to ask myself interesting questions.

    In terms of the two capsules that John refers to, while I am of course sorry that they had no resonance for Johns 1 & 2 and Brutes, I continue to find both capsules powerful and fascinating. For the coffins, it may well be true that the images are jpegs with images wrapped on to them. For me, that is not significant. What is significant is firstly the clash between the temporal and apparently trivial things which people choose – or have chosen for them – to be represented by, such as a cauliflower, or an electric drill, contrasted with the unarguable and eternal shape of the coffin. I find the results act as a very powerful reminder of my own mortality. And secondly, they force me to consider what I would choose for my own coffin. Which then causes me to remember that someday, I will be making that choice – or another will be making it on my behal.

    For the water balloon, this clip follows in the tradition of the time-lapse material that I have featured, though of course it shows slowing time down. Again, I find this deeply intriguing. Firstly, because i have never seen a water balloon explode in such minute and slow detail. And secondly, because it causes me to question whether the speed of time is ‘set’. What would other aspects of life, of my life, look like slowed down? What would the film of the emotional equivalent of being hit in the face look like, for example?

    I do not expect others to have the same reaction to these capsules, rather I felt it might be helpful to explain my reactions to them. And I have no problem at all that Johns 1 &2 and Brutes described them as pointless. For me, they certainly do have points, as do all the capsules.

    Its also important to say that, however much any reader enjoys How to be a Retronaut, I will undoubtedly create more capsules that some people will loathe.

    And finally, if anyone is looking for – or perhaps seeking to avoid – Retronautic kittens, then this capsule from February 2010 would be the one to either view or not view, according to taste.


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