Alternative Ghostbusters

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    Images: Pat Kinsella, Backstothewall, Matt Owen, Jorsh Pena, Jerod Gibson, Tom Whalen, Brandon Schaefer and Bobby O’Herlihy

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    16 comments to Alternative Ghostbusters

    • pixhektar

      Awesome find, thank you very much for that. It is funny how some design patterns reappear, for example word clould on 519.jpg (5) become popular again some time ago through services like

      BTW is there any chance to get high-res scans of some posters? It would be great to have some of them in the office :)

    • Classic Steve

      I would call #3 my favorite. The only trouble is that anyone who hadn’t already seen Mr. Stay-Puft would have no idea what it represented.

    • Mark Tornits

      they are cool. but these fan/ web posters don’t do anyone any good unless a link is provided to purchase them

    • Wayne Kotke

      I’m afraid I don’t get the one with the three wavy lines against the white backdrop. I’m sure it’s something super-obvious, but what it could be I don’t know.

      Little help…?

    • FangsFirst

      “…ts…coupla wavy lines?”
      “I’m sorry, this just isn’t your day…!”

      It’s a reference to Venkman’s “experiment” with psychic reading at the beginning of the movie.

    • ElfOdin

      The three wavy lines are probably the streams from the proton packs.

    • D.N.

      It was one of the cards Peter Venkman held up to that weeny undergrad at the start of the movie. The very card that got the guy his last shock, even though he actually guessed the card correctly.

    • Jason

      The wavy lines are on the card when Bill Murray is testing the young woman for ESP abilities.

    • milhouse


      I think they represent the streams from the three ghost-catching rayguns.

    • Jimmy D.

      opening scene. “A couple of wavey lines”

    • Jim

      Wayne, what do you see… “Just a couple of wavy lines.”

    • Alex

      Being old enough to have seen Ghostbusters when it came out, this was nice. I even remember the ‘three wavy lines’ thing.
      No shock for me.

    • Ramubay

      Each wavy line represents a positively charged stream of protons that attract the negatively charged energy of a ghost allowing it to be held in the stream while active as in “don’t cross the streams it would be bad.” There are three to represent the three original Ghostbusters.

    • FinkleIsEinhorn

      That is the symbol the guy actually guesses correctly during Dr. Venkman’s mind reading test.

    • Mark Tornits

      three wavy lines- thats it- rewatch the beginning of the movie, with vankman and the students doing the experiment-

    • Steve

      3 and 9 are fantastic. I love them because they are instantly recognizable to fans of the movie. Plus I am an unabashed minimalist at heart. Would love to get super HQ images to print up posters. I have a perfect spot for one at a time. 1, 2 and 5 also get a strong honorable mention, I just would have no place for them. A high res of them would be nice to have too. Especially 5 so I could read all the quotes.

      Also am I missing something? I was never good a spot the difference, are 6 & 12 the same?

      Overall I got a kick out of them. Thanks.

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