Fleet Street, London, 1:55pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon in 1924, in colour

Three autochromes of London from the Albert Kahn Archive. The one above and first below were taken in 1924 and show Fleet Street - at that time the centre of the British Newspaper industry - and the Pool of London. The third image was taken in 1913, and shows a soldier outside the Tower of London.


All pictures (c) Musee Albert-Kahn. For more of Albert Kahn’s images, see David Okuefuna’s “The Wonderful World of Albert Kahn“.

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3 comments to Fleet Street, London, 1:55pm on a sunny Sunday afternoon in 1924, in colour

  • Mike A.

    I love the photo of Fleet Street in 1924, especially the very distinctive red pillar box. This would most likely have been the fairly new (at the time) “low aperture” design replacing the “high aperture” design around 1892. The high aperture design being most famously known as the “Anonymous Box” as it had no Royal cipher. The low aperture box was designed to alleviate problems with letters getting stuck under the cap of the box.

  • Nicole Verity

    You are costing me money! Since discovering your site, I have had to purchase a) The World of Albert Kahn book; b) The World of Albert Kahn DVD; c) The Highlights of The Open Road DVD; d) The Lost World of Mitchell & Kenyon; plus various and sundry other documents of lost worlds…

    Amazon loves me!

  • Chris

    You must be careful, Nicole. The doors opened by your Retronautic purchases, once opened, cannot be closed…

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