90-year-old newspaper house

“In 1922, inventor Ellis Stenman of Rockport, Massachusetts set out to construct a summer home with thousands of recycled newspapers. Eventually, he began crafting chairs, tables, lamps, and even a piano out of rolled-up newspaper, held together by a glue he created himself out of flour, water, and apple peels.”


Images by Casey Bisson and Mike
Thank you to Treehugger and John Pollock

6 comments to 90-year-old newspaper house

  • Steven Riley

    Wow! Love the idea of all the hidden stories in all those newspapers just being there and not being able to be read or seen.

  • melydia

    That’s incredible. Is the wall in that last photo falling apart or was that done on purpose? Because it looks really nifty.

  • Wildaker

    “I don’t really know why unless he was just really thrifty or something.” — http://www.paperhouserockport.com/interview.html

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  • Jehanne

    @Steven Riley Yes! If those wall could talk…

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