Victorians Smiling II

Thank you to The Smiling Victorian group

9 comments to Victorians Smiling II

  • Katie

    These are beautiful! Something about the smiles make the photos so real and accessible. You can so easily imagine them in modern clothes, so similar to the people of today!

  • Elisha etc

    #3 is Edward Norton time traveling.

  • Elisha etc

    Whoops, I meant #4 is Edward Norton time traveling. (It says 5 when you mouse over it).

  • Estelle

    Lovely to see another one of these, the original was one of my very favourites from this site.

  • Chris

    Me too, Estelle

  • Phil

    Looking at the fashions, e.g. the shirt waist worn by a few of the subjects, seems that quite a few – if not most of these images – are post 1901, and actually, really should be labelled Edwardian, not Victorian. Or am I wrong?

  • Amanda

    That first one looks like Hailee Steinfeld!

  • Jonathan

    These are great photos, but there is something very striking about the first one. That girl seems like she wouldn’t look out of place in today’s world.

  • Ray Martin

    Once again, these are wonderful; a real glimpse into the past – or a glimpse into the real past :)

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