Lego ad, 1960


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  • Alan Bickerstaff

    The Samsonite connection was a deal that Lego did in 1962 for Samsonite to manufacture for the American and Canadian market. Lego has always been a Danish company.

    As someone who grew up with Lego (and Meccano), and who probably went into engineering as a result, I have to say that the modern version of Lego is vastly inferior. As soon as they went down the route of making model specific kits with special parts, the level of inventiveness dropped dramatically. The whole point was to make something of your own invention, break it up and start again. The specific kits restrict this, IMHO. My lads used kNex, sadly they seem to have gone the same way.

  • Alan Bickerstaff

    Mind you, the newer Lego does allow you to do this……

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