‘I’m An Indian Too’, Cliff Richard, 1968

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  • Keir Hardie

    That’s the worst thing that I’ve ever seen. Ironically he was born in India! But that would be more amusing if this a bit less appalling. That appears to be David Battley, later of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and Eric Idle and Neil Innes’ Rutland Weekend Television, as ‘Geronimo’.

  • qka

    @Keir Hardie

    Agreed - in 1968 this sort of thing was starting to be considered culturally insensitive, at least in the US. (He may have been born in India, but this song is about Native American “Indians.)

    This song from the 1946 US Broadway musical Annie Get Your Gun, about real the Annie Oakley.

    In 1950 Annie Get Your Gun was made into a movie, starring Betty Hutton as Annie. I prefer her version of this song, in part because it was from a time that was culturally different, and also that the musical touches on her relationship with the famous Lakota Sioux Chief Sitting Bull

    This performance takes that out of context.

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