Retronautic WTF IV

Thank you to Graham Hastings

5 comments to Retronautic WTF IV

  • Devlicious

    Nr.2 is a bit sick… :P

  • CatM

    Cawston Ostrich farm was in Los Angeles at the turn of the century. Pasadena, I think, to be exact. They went out of business when ostrich feathers ceased to be a fashionable accessory, but up until then it was a big tourist attraction, complete with ostrich rides and races. Much fun!

  • Emily

    I love the llama! I wonder how they got the balloon boy down?

  • Czuck

    The guy with the TV-glasses is Hugo Gernsbach demonstrating for Life Magazine.

  • George

    No. 8 is Mr. “Herbert” Televox; one of the world’s first robots and one of the very few built largely out of cardboard.


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