‘Before They Were Grandparents’

‘Adventurers. Singers. Lovers. Farmers. Jocks. Designers. Carpenters. Photographers. Scholars. They did it all before they were grandparents.’

- Before They Were Grandparents

...'they were wilderness enthusiasts' (Justin Y.)

...'they were rubbing elbows with stars' (Lizzy)

...'they were rolling in style' (Grace P.)

...'they were picking fights" (Maria T.)

...'they were party animals' (Justin Y.)

...'they were logging in the West' (Grace P.)

...'they were keeping wild company' (Mark B.)

...'they were inventing the house party' (Justin Y.)

...'they were hanging out at the beach' (Megan N.)

...'they were doing time' (Andrea & Mark B.)

...'they were always up for a kitchen party' (Justin Y.)

...'they never missed a photo opportunity' (Justin Y.)

...'they were madly in love' (Broken X Record)

This capsule was curated by Lizzy Karp

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