‘La Famille et l’Alcool’ c.1900

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  • Kaitlyn

    I think it was Lincoln said something about alchohol itself not being a bad thing, but rather the abuse of a good thing….

    Everything in moderation, my friends.

    Although, this would’ve been better for those who don’t speak “francais”…. the general gist is easy to see though.

  • Susan

    Here’s a loose translation. Hope it helps!

    “The Family and Alcohol”

    1. A Happy Family
    2. The First Step
    3. Bad Habits
    4. Payday
    5. The Fury of the Alcoholic
    6. The Alcoholic, Subject of Scandal
    7. On the Road to Madness
    8. Crime
    9. In Court
    10. The Wife Reduced to Misery
    11. Madness
    12. The Death of the Alcoholic (Delirium Tremens)

  • mcravener

    This seems to be part of the drive the French wine industry had to ban Absinthe at the turn of the century. Please note that the “Alcoholic” is in three slides drinking at Absinthe serving establishments, while the first slide (The Happy Family) has a bottle of red wine on the table.

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