Devil’s Tower, 1890s / 2011

‘I came across a set of pictures on How to be a Retronaut from the 1890’s. One is a view of Devils Tower, Wyoming. I took the same picture recently on a camping trip, more than a hundred years later.  I was amazed when I overlapped the photos – they are a perfect match.’

- Jay Miller


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  • Jane

    Beautiful – perfect demonstration of how the passage of time sometimes alters nothing.

  • Lorien

    Except for the river

  • haitch72

    Is that the mountain from ”Close Encounters of the Third Kind’?

  • Jay Miller

    I was amazed when I first saw the original. I said to my wife, ” We camped there.”
    The only way to prove it was this simple overlay of these two worlds.
    It is the close encounters “mountain”. The mountain was and is formed by highly compressed rock rising up from the ground in that spot. As the rock solidifies, it creates similarly symmetrical six sided posts of rock. Sort of like bundled cable – very unique geological feature.

  • Debi

    Yah, Close Encounters – I think so. It’s weird how the vegetation really did change much either – slow growing trees in WY

  • Jay Miller

    Slow growing trees, and re-routed rivers . . . wonderful world of WY!

  • Roxanne

    It is the exact same photo!! The thing with the river is, the angles in which both photos were taken are slightly different (I was present while the newer version was taken). The original was taken with the photographer standing more to the right, and in the newer one, the photographer is standing more towards the left. The river did move slightly, as you can tell when you view both originals, but other than that, perfect! Great job!

  • Crash

    Is there any way you can post the full version of the new picture?

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