200-year-old love letter found in chair

“A 200-year-old love letter has been found in the arm of a chair at a furniture upholsterers in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England. The note, written in French, was in the chair bought in a house clearance in France.

“‘When I started to work on the arm”, said Graham Simpson of Theocus Furniture, “I could see a small note, tightly folded up, about the size of a penny. When I opened it, to my amazement it was a note written in pencil, in old French.”

“The style of language suggests the letter was composed about 200 years ago. It was written from a man to a woman and sent from the town of Mercurol in the Alps:

“The translated letter:

“‘My dear small love, do not be worried, do you seriously believe I would tell anything to these people, who don’t understand anything about love?

“‘If someone insists that I say something, it will be anything but the dear love acquired by you, which is the great treasure hidden in my heart.

“‘I didn’t tell you to come yesterday because I didn’t have the opportunity, but do come every Tuesday around 5:30, and Fridays as well; I count/hope on you tomorrow.

“‘At the moment I write this letter, I can hear my aunt yelling, who else annoys us all day long, today and tomorrow.

“”My dear, I cover you with kisses and caresses until… I need you in this moment of desire. I love you.”

- BBC Gloucestershire


Thanks to Dave Musgrave

5 comments to 200-year-old love letter found in chair

  • Misha

    Oh that is so sweet. I can’t help wondering what became of them and why the letter was hidden.


  • Susan

    Sounds like it was some kind of “forbidden love.” I wonder if they ended up together?

  • naveen

    wow… reminds me of Letters to Juliet…. the movie….. hey WTF… why are all the romantics either French or Italian…. ?????

  • x

    Well naveen, that’s because American women want to be treated like shit and search out the biggest asshole and then bitch about why there’s no good men or why no one is romantic.

  • Karen

    Hey X-
    Spoken like a true American man, who can’t understand why the woman in his life is so unhappy.

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