US Bikini Laws, 1933

Policemen measuring Peggy Graves’s swimming costume, to check whether it meets minimum clothing requirements, 1933

© SZ Photo / Scherl / Bridgeman Education

Thank you to Bridgeman Education

4 comments to US Bikini Laws, 1933

  • Necoho

    Can we reintroduce those laws?

  • qka

    Knowing some modern law enforcement “bikini inspectors”*, they’re all perverts.

    *In New York State, it is legal for women to go topless. Equal rights with men and all that. I live on a lake that is a popular vacation area in the summer. I know some officers of the Sheriff’s marine patrol. Mostly they enforce boating rules, but they do cruise around and watch the shoreline with their high power binoculars. They hope to spot attractive females. When they do, the check for a top. If missing, they’ll move in closer, just to make sure a bottom is present, don’t you know.

  • qka

    OK, that’s odd. My post came up with an avatar that I did not create. (I’m more the non-avatar type person.)

  • qka

    And now it is gone. Weird.

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