Bathing Parades c. 1920s

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  • Balboa Beach, 1920

    Galveston, Texas 1922

    Galveston, Texas, 1923

    Atlantic City, 1925

    Balboa Beach, 1925

    Crystal Pier, California, 1925

    Huffington Beach, California, 1925

    Venice, California, 1925

    Venice, California, 1926

    Long Beach, California, 1927

    Images drawn from the Library of Congress

    2 comments to Bathing Parades c. 1920s

    • Kris

      Wow! This must be a bathing parade!?!?!?

      This is Old Hickory, Tennessee – July 4th in the early 1920s. I always wondered what they were doing!

    • Clint

      Just a small correction, that one should be “Huntington Beach, California” – my home town. :)

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