The Cottage That Time Forgot

‘When Fred Saigeman died in 2010, aged 78, he left 15th century Fulling Mill Cottage, in Fittleworth, West Sussex – his home, and his parents and grandparents before him – and 82 cats to a local cat charity, on condition they took care of his pets and prevented his old family home and grounds from being demolished and redeveloped.’

- Daily Mail

Thank you to the Daily Mail

8 comments to The Cottage That Time Forgot

  • Phil Woodford

    Anyone for tea?

  • N.N.

    Pity there aren’t any more pictures…

  • CatM

    Well, they haven’t let the old house get torn down but they’re not really taking very good care of it either, are they?

  • margaret hodgson

    its a shame it looks like it had been a lovely home at one time pity they have let it go

  • Malc

    Never thank the Daily Heil.

  • Lara Maiklem

    More informations here, but sadly no more pictures:

  • Miss Azura

    Places in Britain like this must be very rare, now. There was a man who lived in what had been a pretty estate lodge near me where I grew up, that was, until about 15 years go, trapped in the same old rural family timewarp, though with more ferrets.

  • NathanD

    They are going to restore it – it is already in progress. Thanks for the link Lara. If you go to this page just about the Fulling Mill Cottage there is the full story, and a link to 18 pictures.

    or skip directly to the photos:

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