Evolution of Postcards From Times Square

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    5 comments to Evolution of Postcards From Times Square

    • Sean

      Brilliant collection. Its amazing how much Times Square has changed.

    • Bru

      Sometimes I wish I had lived during those earlier times (square) D’you think the world would have been a happier place then?

    • Genista

      Thank you…what a fantastic collection….especially love the art deco buildings. Bru, I don’t think the world was a happier place. Just got over WW1, Wall St. Crash and the beginning of the depression but those art deco buildings, ‘better than real life’ postcards and hollywood happy fodder sure kept people optimistic….unless you were starving of course!

    • fancifil

      Bru- it was a happier place then!

    • Steven McMaus

      what an amazing serie! thx a lot.

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