Nuclear Detonation 1945-1998

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4 comments to Nuclear Detonation 1945-1998

  • Justin B

    Are these full nuclear tests? Jeez I had no idea there had been so many…!

  • IgotBupkis

    Why is this surprising? At some points, the tests were actually testing new designs, first in fission, then in fusion (plenty of room for improvement from Fatman and Little Boy!). In others, they were a show of capability in response to various sociopolitical events.

  • MrTwitchy

    That’s an average of one every ten days over the whole period.

  • Bennemans

    Americans: “Derrrrrrrp, rabble rabble rabble! Korea and Iran and Derpistan wanna do some nuclear tests?! Nooooooooo! Herpaderp! Dangerous! Terrorists! Panic! It’s not like we have a thousand ‘splosions on our records or something! Derp!”

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