Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ as a children’s book

Illustrations by Andrew Kolb

This capsule was curated by Stevyn Colgan

18 comments to Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ as a children’s book

  • Wayne

    Could I print these HiRes versions and bind them for my son. He’s 6 months, I’m a Bowie fan I’d think this would be an excellent book for him when he is older.

  • Nohemí

    I miss the music but it’s great!!

  • proart

    Wayne, contact the artist and ask to get it published. Then you can support this great effort!

  • Hunter

    This is Amazing!!
    When i was young, my father used to sing this to me when he pushed me on the swing..
    You just brought back some great memories.

    Great style and illustrations.

  • Erik

    This is brilliant! I immediately downloaded the PDF from the artist’s website (he’s offering it as a free download) and read it in sync with the music… and then reblogged it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Tim

    Surely I’m not the only person that heard the music playing in my head as I read that.

  • Rhys

    Don’t know about you guys, but this gave me a hankering to watch some Dexter’s Lab.

  • Monica

    This is freaking fantastic!

  • J

    first thing i did when i saw this was get the music lined up in itunes and played em 2gether…..

    can´t believe people say …

    ……am i the only one wanted to listen to this at the same time?… dicks!!!!!…..

    put the music on then……..

  • MeD_

    oh Lord! is so pretty!

  • Joe

    Yea. The music was in my head too and the graphics made it so real and alive. Sad story for kids too.

  • Ki

    This is indeed awesome, but there is a mistake in the lyrics if I’m not mistaken. He has the line “For here I am sitting in a tin can far above the world.” half way through the song and then “Here I am floating ’round my tin can far above the moon.” at the end of the song. Sitting and Floating have be swapped.

    Have a listen here

  • Ki

    Oh looks like there are two versions of the song. One where the lyrics are the same as in this book. Funny I never knew that about this song before.

  • Nicola

    Ki, that’s the way the lyrics are on the album, never heard of them being the other way round. First he’s happily sitting in his tin can, then at the end he’s floating around it, lost in space.

  • jt

    When you’re referring to a monotheistic Supreme Being, as in the Christian one, it should be capitalized. It’s left uncapitalized when you are speaking generically about (multiple or one of multiple) higher beings, e.g. the god of war, or “I’m a god to my dog.”

  • Dylan Mercer

    If there was a button to buy the print version at the bottom I would have had my credit card out in an instant!!

  • Dylan Mercer

    venture bros did a good little nod to space oddity here:

  • Devin

    Has anyone here heard of BLURB? If in fact all of these are all hi-res then you can download the blurb app, make them all full bleed photos on each page, and then get it bound yourself or for someone else.

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