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Thank you to Paul Zaba and Dr. Annie Sutherland.

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7 comments to Anglo-Saxon Wikipedia

  • Paul Loebig

    nothing showed

  • Ray Martin

    @Paul Loebig - Paul, the little grey rectangle below the title is a link to a tiff file. If your browser cannot open it, you need to right-click and save the file, then open it in an image viewer. If you have nothing suitable, get Picasa or Irfanview, both of which are free.

  • Hi Paul, sorry for using a TIFF file. I’ve changed it into a JPG which you should see as usual. Yours, Chris

  • Paul Loebig

    thank you, Chris, and thanks for the unwanted speech, Ray, but internet browsers don’t go through rigmarole, they just move on to something else …

  • Ray Martin

    Sorry Paul,
    Since you took the time to complain, I assumed you actually wanted to see the image and was simply trying to help. Clearly you have the attention span of a gnat, if you think three sentences is a speech, but I really don’t think you can speak for everyone.

  • Ray, your advice was helpful, and thank you for passing it on. Paul, you are right, if I can’t open an image on a website at once, I move on. Retronauts, time-travel is draining, please be understanding with each other when temporal jet lag causes misunderstanding.

  • Ray Martin

    Well alright, it’s true that time travel is stressful, but be advised - I have one of these and I know how to use it.

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