Flashback was an exhibition by photographer Tom Hunter shown at and commissioned by the Museum of London:

“Using objects from Museum of London’s collections, photographic artist Tom Hunter created a series of unique and surprising portraits in celebration the opening of our new Galleries of Modern London, opening on 28 May. With over 4000 objects and teams of expert curators, designers, architects, film makers and community groups the new galleries will be the Museum’s most significant transformation since opening in 1976.

Like a time lord travelling from one period to the next, Hunter has stolen moments from several eras juxtaposing modern London icons like the Vespa scooter with a Museum designer dressed in a 1770s ?panier’ dress. The beautifully staged portraits are rich with colour yet intensely dark, reminiscent of the old masters style.

Artist Tom Hunter says “In these portraits I wanted to convey the freedom to travel in time, as you would do when you walk through the Museum itself. But unlike the Museum, which sets out to make sense of history, I set out to confuse by creating surprising portraits that steal from different times and fashions”.


All images (c) Tom Hunter

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