Hidden at the Museum of London

“Our new foyer display “Hidden” is three historical photo tableauxs created by photographer Red Saunders. These “tableaux vivant” or living pictures own key moments in history. They depict William Cuffay – the black chartist campaigning for the vote in Whitechapel; the revolutionary thinker and activist Thomas Paine and a bloody re-enactment showing Watt Tyler during the 1381 Peasants’ Revolt.

“These photographs hark back to an altogether earlier era and to the birth of the medium itself. Victorian photographers would make a composite of several different negatives, cutting out and merging the images to produce the finished result. Today, digital photography and retouching extend and re-invent the tradition giving it greater meaning and relevance to our times.

Saunders said:

‘I recreate important moments in the long struggle of working people for democracy and social justice. History has been dominated by kings, queens, war and ‘great men’.

Hidden engages with a different historical narrative involving dissenters, revolutionaries and radicals.’

“Red Saunders combines his photographic practice with cultural, artistic, musical, and political activism. He made his name as a photographer with the innovative Sunday Times colour supplement, a relationship that ended with the Wapping dispute, and was a founder member of the Rock against Racism campaign.

“Hidden is on display in the Museum of London foyer, entry is free.”


Thank you to Lucy Inglis and Georgian London

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