“Cloud of Unknowing” – Gorillaz

“These are the visuals to the Gorillaz song “Cloud of Unknowing” sung by Bobby Womack, and features black and white and colour footage of dogfights and the wreckage of WW2 planes (and possibly Gulf War planes and helicopters?) being dumped off aircraft carriers into the ocean. I saw Gorillaz play live at the Camden Roundhouse in April and this footage, combined with the haunting music, sent a shiver down my spine - it’s oddly moving.”

- Mima

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3 comments to “Cloud of Unknowing” – Gorillaz

  • der

    Vietnam era footage for dumping of choppers. it was when the Americans realized they couldn’t win the war as it’s impossible to kill the idea inside a mans head (oddly they’re still trying) so thy dumped what they could to make room for people.

  • Simon Fielding

    The pictures are South Vietnamese helicopters being dumped after the fall of Saigon in April 1975 - probably from the deck of USS Midway.

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