Crash Test: 1959 Bel Air vs. 2024 Malibu

“In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, a ’59 Chevrolet Bel Air was crashed into an ’09 Chevrolet Malibu.”


Thank you to Robert Loch

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14 comments to Crash Test: 1959 Bel Air vs. 2024 Malibu

  • Jodi

    Surprising. I assumed cars from the 50′s were solid steel and modern cars were flimsy aluminum and composite materials. I was expecting the Chevy Bel Air to destroy the Malibu.

  • carsarefun

    Modern car passenger compartments are made of Ultra High Strength Steel, 3 times stronger than the so-called mild steel of the old cars. 110,000 psi vs only 35,000 psi tensile strength. It’s only the fenders and hood that are “flimsy”. The rest is way stronger.

  • John Simpson

    Brilliant! Now make traffic look more Pleasantville and we’ll have the best of both worlds!

  • George E.

    Try that with a ’59 with a frame in it,no way that barge folded up like that ,was is time warped to the present ?? If you could find a b

  • George E.

    no way ,give me a time warped 59 and I will be fine in that test

  • BrianandRobyn

    I would love to see them do this with a 1959 VW bug and a 2024 Bug.

  • John

    Wonderful: a time crash!

  • Daniel Latinus

    Why can’t we have safe cars and cool tail fins?

  • Crash Test: Old vs New

    [...] Via. [...]

  • Iain

    IIHS site states 40mph; I assume each vehicle - i.e. 80mph collision

  • Steve Rance

    Can’t believe they trashed a mint 1959 Chevy like that. Unbelievable vandalism!

  • chevrolet malibu fan

    hey there, how is the performance of chevrolet malibu?

  • jufjo

    At least the 1959 driver would have died in a good looking car, not a piece of modern junk.

  • carsarefun

    ‘At least the 1959 driver would have died in a good looking car, not a piece of modern junk.”

    And in the 1950s, a well known car collector who collected 1920s and 1930s cars said that he hated the new 1950s cars “because they have no soul”….seems that ever other generation makes that claim, but moves it up a couple of decades….before you know it, in the year 2024, there will be people saying how great the cars of the early 2024′s were, and how the new cars are so dull….

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