Brand-new Victorian man

“Council worker Peter Saunders, 30, has made sure every item in the house is 100 per cent authentic. Everything from the toilet cistern to the tins in his pantry have been lovingly hand-picked from car boot sales, antique fairs and eBay auctions.

“The four-bedroom house is now so close to how it would have looked when a real-life Victorian family last lived there, eccentric Peter is now considering opening its doors to the public.

“”The Victorian period is something I’ve always liked. Sometimes I’ve bought something for a room or decorated it in a certain way, but then I’ve just started again because it’s not faithful to the working-class roots of the house.

“I even had some lovely stuffed birds in cages, but I got rid of them because I didn’t feel they were true to the kind of house this would have been back then, or the kind of family that would have lived here.

“Peter adds:

“I like the idea of the lifestyle that the Victorians had, apart from some of the conditions like the medical care available. But they were less wasteful and things were built to last. I can’t stand all that modern stuff made of plastic that all looks the same.”

- Daily Mail


Thank you to Dr. Annie Sutherland.

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