Colour film of Smalltown America, 1954

“I recently acquired a 20 minute reel of 16mm silent color home movies, shot in Maplewood, New Jersey. Cars and clothes have changed, though the buildings and landscape remain much the same. The exposures are a bit uneven, but you get a very good flavor for everyday life in a typical American suburb. Enjoy”

- Steve Weintraub

5 comments to Colour film of Smalltown America, 1954

  • Nicole Verity

    I live very near this town in NJ and I bet you could take the very same film today. Just think, those kids in the swimming pool are in their 70′s!!

  • j petronzi

    I just caught this because I was viewing the Chaplin video and recognized Columbia High School. I DO live in Maplewood, and came in 1978. I was going to stay for 4 years and have been here ever since. It is a great place, in a time warp, a beautiful place to live!

  • j petronzi

    Unfortunately, I can’t get the video. It’s being blocked by EMI. Steve, if you can get it to the Maplewood Library, they can copy and archive it for the town. It would be great for the people of Maplewood to see!

  • hm

    So you got a silent film.

    Added sound… music?

    And got it blocked for copyright reasons from playing in the USA.

    Thumbs up.

  • Screw EMI for blocking this film.

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