Santa Claus, 1898

“Made in 1898, G.A. Smith’s ‘Santa Claus’ is a film of considerable technical ambition and accomplishment for its period. It uses pioneering visual effects in its depiction of a visit from St. Nicholas”


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3 comments to Santa Claus, 1898

  • Kaufman

    Is Santa Claus played by a woman?

  • Amanda Uren

    Did you notice that the childrens’ stockings and the canopy over the bed were moving as if in a breeze?

    I vaguely remember watching a documentary on early film and it revealing that early sets, even interior ones, were shot outside as the cameras and lighting of the time were not sophisticated enough to allow filming indoors in a studio.

  • Chris Samuel

    Well he managed to get something into 3 stockings, but the second one he tried fell on the floor! :-)

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