Doom of Obsolete Coastal Fort, 1924

“Existing purely to exploit the sheer joy of Blowing Things Up, this Topical Budget newsreel (originally released on 8 December 1924) proves that some things never change. The opening title sets out its priorities: the location and the name of the fort are unidentified (if anyone can identify it, please add a comment), but the viewer is implicitly invited to cheer as the rugged-looking construction “goes up like matchwood!”

- Michael Brooke, BFI

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2 comments to Doom of Obsolete Coastal Fort, 1924

  • jufjo

    What a shame.

  • Darian Zam

    Interesting piece of footage. It says so little, yet so much about human nature. To me, it’s just horrifying seeing old buildings destroyed for no reason, and I’ve seen a lot of it.

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