Abandoned Russian Medieval Wooden House


Thank you to English Russia and Lucy Inglis

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13 comments to Abandoned Russian Medieval Wooden House

  • VonsterVon

    wow…astounding. I want to know more…who lived there…how long people lived there…how long it’s been empty…are those stairs sloping…it’s incredible!

  • Jeremy

    I don’t think it’s medieval, but it is lovely nevertheless.

  • Lioness

    That’s gorgeous. But medieval? Really? I don’t know anything about medieval Russian architecture but that looks very 19th C to me.

  • jufjo

    Doesn’t look medieval to me either.
    Perhaps a building has been there since medieval times or maybe the foundations are medieval?
    But what we see doesn’t look older then a century, maybe 2.
    It is more then lovely though.

  • Vonnie

    I agree that it doesn’t look like a medieval building.
    Still, it looks amazing. I’d love to have a good ol’ nosey around it.

  • Jane

    Can you tell me WHERE in Russia this is? Thanks!!

  • Beautiful Things

    Beautiful but kind of sad. I wonder why it was abandoned.

  • Roberto

    Really wanderful and precious, but… definitely NOT medieval!
    Maybe built between 1850 and 1900.

  • Chris Samuel

    There are at least two houses shown there, the very first image is a different one as the other external views are all surrounded by trees.

    But fabulous photography!

  • Noni

    I think the photographer/retronaut dude meant to say that in the mid-19th century there was a *revival* of medieval architecture. Though I’d be far more inclined to see this as Gothic Revival style architecture.

    Regardless, I’d die of happiness if I could get my hands on that farm table next to the red hutch.

  • Candida Drew-Prior

    Beautiful… I can hear the strains of Lara Theme just by looking at these pics…. and with the help of youtube - go on give it a try..

  • Diana Wright

    Not at all “medieval,” but a great deal of Italian Renaissance influence can be seen on part of the facade, and with the head of that darling staircase, & in the last picture.

  • Leslie

    Livejournal entry by the photographer, Andrew Qzmn, where the outside photos were originally posted: http://qzmn.livejournal.com/6780.html#cutid1

    (The indoor photos appear to be from elsewhere; in that entry you can see what the inside of these houses really looks like.)

    @Jane, they’re in Kostroma Oblast, near the city of Kostroma, which is on the Volga River a bit to the northeast of Moscow.

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