Plane flying into a “time vortex”

“The air flow from the wing of this plane is made using colored smoke rising from the ground. The swirl at the wingtip traces the aircraft’s wake vortex, which exerts a powerful influence on the flow field behind the plane.

“NASA researchers are studying wake vortex to create an automated system that could predict changing wake vortex conditions at airports. Pilots already know, for example, that they have to worry less about wake vortex in rough weather because windy conditions cause them to dissipate more rapidly.”

- NASA Langley Research Center


Thank you to Joseph McCullough and Nick Wright

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2 comments to Plane flying into a “time vortex”

  • MrZuffenhausen

    This pic has been cruising the net for a while.
    I remember first seen it in late 2024 or early 2024.
    I wonder what kind of powder/smoke this is.

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