Soho coffee bars, 1959, in colour

These pictures were all taken in 1959 in London’s Soho. The picture above shows the 2i’s Coffee Bar, known as the birthplace of British rock and roll.


Thanks to Wasleso.

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8 comments to Soho coffee bars, 1959, in colour

  • Laurie

    These are a little bit special (: Lx

  • Mark

    look at pic 5 and then look at this link
    hope it works:) its the same corner now in google maps street view. Place is still a sandwich shop! sort of:)

  • Mark

    link is a bit vague its number 8 darblay street
    better link

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  • jason

    1st picture looking down frith st. here’s google maps view:

  • EmmaK

    Brilliant stuff. Love it!! Makes me want to be in Soho right now. Its my favorite area of London

  • Anne Hill Fernie

    Why is there a bloke straddling the lampost in the Sam Widges (No.5) shot?????? (I guess we’ll never know).

  • rich

    yep, pic 5, you can still see the post the guys sitting on:

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